About Us

We are located in rainy Ålesund, but we have customers from all over the country

Who are we?

About Us

"Motregn AS is based in Ålesund and was established as an authorized accounting firm in 2019. We have already built a strong and diverse customer base in various industries and business areas. The company is led by a certified public accountant with a background in auditing and many years of experience in financial management and accounting. We also have three additional employees. One of them has several years of experience in accounting in both accounting firms and the automotive and real estate industries. The second employee completed their education as a Civil Economist in 2021 and became a State Authorized Accountant in 2023. The third, our newest addition, is studying economics at NTNU. Together, we aim to be a trusted and advisory partner for small and medium-sized businesses.


Motregn AS specializes in working with limited liability companies (LLC/AS) and takes on assignments throughout the country as our focus is on fully paperless accounting. We use Poweroffice Go, Conta, Tripletex, and Visma eAccounting. In these systems, there are excellent opportunities for collaboration between you as a customer and us as accountants. This allows the workload to be tailored to your needs.


Feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation if you're wondering what Motregn can offer you and your company.