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Motregn AS provides services in bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, annual reports, and consultancy to small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

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Accounting and Financial Management

Paperless accounting through PowerOffice Go, Visma eAccounting, Tripletex, or Conta provides you with full visibility. Both we as accountants and you as a customer receive information in real-time, allowing for real-time analysis of the company's financial status, rather than with a significant delay.


We can assist with internal control and analysis of the company's efficiency and profitability, as well as provide guidance for the establishment or dissolution of a company.

Payroll and HR

We handle payroll processing, pay stubs, sick pay, A-reports, and more according to your needs.

More About Our Services

Løpende bokføring i Poweroffice Go

You can entrust the entire job to us, or we can collaborate on the execution of various accounting tasks. PowerOffice Go is suitable for those who want a mostly paperless accounting service and is a good solution for most. Here, you can take photos with your phone or scan your receipts and send them directly to the accounting system using the app.


We perform document processing, remittances, OCR, control work, reconciliations, reporting, and preparation and submission of VAT returns.


Quick invoicing improves liquidity. An online collaboration between you and us ensures a smoother flow and quality of the invoicing process.


Invoices can be sent via email, as EHF invoices, or in paper format. Debt collection can also be facilitated in cooperation with Kredinor.

Payroll and HR

We offer comprehensive solutions for payroll processing, including pay stubs, monthly submission of A-reports, and compilation tasks.


We also assist with the submission of NAV forms related to sickness benefits, wage subsidies, and more.

Annual Settlement

Preparation of tax documents and annual financial statements with accompanying notes. Assistance with the annual report and protocols for the year-end.

Consultancy - Company

We are happy to assist with the establishment and liquidation of companies. In this context, the preparation of articles of incorporation, articles of association, and other necessary protocols may also be relevant.

  • Other areas where we can provide assistance include:
  • Tax-free transformation of sole proprietorships into AS.
  • Opening balance sheets at the time of incorporation without cash contributions.
  • Liquidation balance sheets and other documentation during liquidation.
  • Capital increases and decreases.
  • Agreements between shareholders according to ASL §3-8
  • Extraordinary general meetings.
  • Additional dividends.

Consultancy - Financial Management

In financial management, we have experience in budgeting, accounting analysis, and risk analysis. We can be a discussion partner in change processes.

Internal Control Within The Company

We can conduct or assist in the evaluation and analysis of the company's internal procedures related to financial management, positive change processes for increased profitability, and constructive dialogue to help the company achieve its financial goals.


We can also provide advice on duties and responsibilities related to board work, as well as the preparation of minutes during board meetings.

Other services

Are you starting a new company, or do you need a substitute for the person who usually handles accounting in your company? We can help!


Are you wondering if this could be a good fit for you and your company?

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